Black Hole

From my experience there are a considerable number of business that view IT as a cost – “a dirty, big black-hole, where profits quickly disappear and only problems come out”.

This is both wrong and true!

Let me explain:

Too many businesses are not realising the full potential of their IT investments, or are investing their hard earned profits into irrelevant or inappropriate technologies. Just because a peer in your industry has just upgraded their servers, it doesn’t mean you need to.
Ask yourself what is the return on investment (ROI) of such a project? Will my business use any of the additional benefits of the latest-and-greatest version, is my business using all the features in the current product?
A change to your current technology needs to be managed, staff trained, business processes tested, documentation published (and read!), and supported after the change. If these areas are overlooked, guess what? A pile of problems start to occur, and that is after you have already started to spend your profits.